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The Snella Lipolaser Body Contouring System is considered to be one of the safest body
shaping procedures available today, as it stimulates the natural release of excess fat in
the body without destroying or structurally altering adipose tissue and other nearby


This unique technique performs fat removal, body shaping, and cellulite procedures, and
it's 100% non-invasively. This is based on the application of laser energy safely (and painlessly) at very precise wavelengths and strengths, targeting areas like the abdomen, waist, thighs, hips, and arms.



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  • Non-invasive and painless procedure

  •  Stimulates collagen production

  • Improves blood circulation

  • Accelerates metabolism

  • Treats cellulitis

  • Tones love handles using circumferential reduction

  • Relieves muscle pain

  • Softens the skin

  • Gradually improves the texture of the skin

  • Melts and eliminates fat cells

  • No downtime




Want to permanently dissolve stubborn fat that is resistant to diet and exercise? Say goodbye to your double chin, bra fat, above-the-knee fat, or inner thigh fat for good with Liquid Lipo.

What is Liquid Lipo?

Liquid Lipo is an FDA-approved injection of deoxycholic acid, a chemical naturally found in the body, that begins the process of breaking down and expelling fat cells. It is best used in smaller areas of the body where you wish to remove excess stubborn fat. Think of it as liposuction in a syringe. Immediately after your treatment there will be swelling for 1-2 weeks, and then the fat will begin to dissolve in the weeks following.

How much does Liquid Lipo cost?

A Liquid Lipo treatment is $1050 for 3 treatments. If you want to speed up your results you can double your dose and save. $1,500 for 3 sessions ($300 savings). Depending on the area that is being treated and the amount of fat to dissolve, 2-6 treatments may be needed. 

How long does Liquid Lipo last?

Liquid lipo permanently destroys the fat cells, so results are permanent. If you have substantial weight gain you may notice more fullness and fat in the treated areas, but if your weight stays within 15-20 pounds from the time of your treatment, the fat will not come back.

How long will my appointment take?

A Liquid Lipo treatment takes approximately 45 minutes, to allow for numbing time. If multiple areas are being treated, your appointment may take closer to an hour.

Does Liquid Lipo hurt?

The area being treated is numbed with topical lidocaine, and the Kybella® is mixed with lidocaine as well, making the treatment more comfortable. Many clients still experience an “achy” sensation during the treatment and for approximately 1 hour after the treatment. Tylenol can be taken to help ease discomfort, and ice is applied immediately after your treatment to ease the pain as well.

Is there any prep for this appointment?

To minimize the chance of bruising and swelling we recommend you avoid any medication that thins your blood (ibuprofen, aspirin, etc) as well as alcohol for 3 days. If you are on prescription medication for blood thinning, please consult your doctor before stopping any medications.

If you are prone to bruising/swelling it is recommended that you come well hydrated and start a course of Arnica Montana (a homeopathic remedy for bruising and swelling) several days before your treatment. They are available at WinterRidge and Sandpoint Super Drug.

Is there any recovery or downtime after this treatment?

After your treatment, you will be swollen in the area that is injected with Kybella®, and some bruising may be present as well. Swelling generally lasts 1-2 weeks, and then gradually subsides. You will begin seeing results around 3 weeks, and fat will continue to dissolve over the course of 6-8 weeks. It is best to plan this treatment 2 months before any big event so your results are in full effect.

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